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Aishwary Thakur


Aishwary Thakur

At its heart, I believe entrepreneurship is essentially the act of identifying the right problems and coming up with innovative ideas to solve them, thus creating value for oneself and the broader set of stakeholders – consumers, investors, businesses, and society. India, at its promising stage of unprecedented growth and constant flux of opportunities, offers entrepreneurs and investors in the start-up ecosystem the chance to bring about change by creating value driven by innovation and technology. And nothing fuels me more than the need to be a part of this change, to co-create the future that we envision.

I want to enable Change and Change-makers by facilitating the ideation, implementation and innovation of technology-enabled solutions that are addressing complex and thematically underrepresented problems across sectors. This appears to be a great challenge as both, the average Indian Consumer and the average Indian Business Owner remain the toughest audiences to please. However, the good news is that we belong to an empowered generation of talented, curious, and passionate individuals that are bold enough to take up challenging problems and address them in a way that changes the future of our society. I hope to be a part of this very community, make deeply meaningful connections and empower our bold change-makers to actualize their dreams and co-create the future of India.

Aishwary Thakur

Past Experience

  • ZS Associates


  • PES University

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