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Faiz Bhanji


Faiz Bhanji

One of the most stimulating facets of early-stage investing is the intrigue of seeing and impacting what the future holds. While it is mostly still full of unknowns and ever-changing variables, the one certainty is the potential economic and societal impact of technology – now more than ever before.

The pandemic has had a discernible (tech-enabled) impact on every aspect of our lives. It has altered the way we interact, learn, spend and consume.

Covid-19 accelerated a global shift towards remote working and cross-border teams, resulting in greater cost efficiency and access to elite talent for Indian startups. The last year has also seen an unprecedented amount of foreign institutional capital, alternative investment vehicles and a wave of public listings that have taken Indian startups from being viewed as somewhat eccentric to categorically mainstream.

Essentially, the Indian startup ecosystem is at an inflection point – where talent, intent and opportunity intersect to create the perfect storm. Never before has there been a more exciting time to be building technology businesses in India.

With numerous problems waiting to be solved, I am personally enthused to meet inspiring entrepreneurs, visionaries that are looking to disrupt the status quo, and support them in their journey to develop, iterate, build and scale game-changing solutions.

Having advised leading global PE funds and evaluated their investment targets, I have seen what it takes for businesses to be highly efficient and successful at scale. I am excited to help the next generation of Indian businesses take things to the next level and unlock huge sustainable economic outcomes.

Faiz Bhanji

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  • Deloitte
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)


  • University of Illinois

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