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Nilesh Balakrishnan


Nilesh Balakrishnan

I’m inspired by the idea that the art of life is to act as an enabler to bring out the best in people. I derive my energy from helping people express themselves to achieve their potential

Philosophically, the idea of early stage investing is appealing as it presents a front row seat to a version of the future. Whether we’re talking about Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford or Robert Noyce – ideas powered by technology have always driven the world forward. Visionary entrepreneurs will continue to build the future and venture investing is a fascinating way to be a part of that powerful, creative design

India is at a pivotal stage in its existence with much to be built, in many ways a blank canvas waiting for the right artist. With a domestic market that accounts for about a fifth of the global population and problems that are symptomatic of issues faced by most of the developing world, I’m excited to work closely with entrepreneurs on scale problems with an outsized impact that can potentially impact billions

Defining success in venture is easy over the long term but tricky in the near term. In the case of young start-ups, bringing out the best in a founding team while maximizing learnings per dollar spent is a metric that helps me deal with the long learning cycles

Having worked at growing startups across the US, Japan and Indian markets, I’m deeply familiar with the seemingly insurmountable amount of decisions that Founders face daily. I’m excited to dive into the trenches on both strategic as well as routine operational problems and hope to be counted on as an integral part of the start-up team