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01About Us

We are committed to being the first and the most active VC partners to our founders

As a home-grown VC, we have the DNA required to be an early partner with India-centric teams. With tech disruption at the core, we back founders building for India or, from India. We aim to be the first institutional cheque for founders and the most active partner, committed to leveraging our network and expertise in order to catalyse our founders’ superpowers.

We are thesis-driven and disciplined about portfolio construction. Our efforts are focused on stated sectors where we can connect the dots, offer deep expertise and optimise human capital. We approach every discussion with the humility to keep learning, while being honest in our feedback and engagement. We are honoured to frequently connect with passionate entrepreneurs building game-changing businesses.

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Our Sectors

Digital transformation is at the heart of all our investments. We back tech-focused founders who are solving problems in large and deep markets

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