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Abhinav Adlakha


Abhinav Adlakha

Institutional venture capital, when deployed effectively, possesses the capability to influence markets in a manner unmatched by alternate capital sources. It allows for a pace of growth and stomach for risk that helps entrepreneurs build fearlessly. While the infamous ‘power law’ means that not all founders who start the race will make it to the finish line, each founder nonetheless helps shape the global future in measurable ways.

In the 2010s, India’s start-up ecosystem was born as a young, and seemingly shallow, counterpart to the West, and even some Southeast Asian siblings. But the past decade has seen India grow leaps and bounds into a thriving ecosystem with 100+ unicorn companies, multiple start-up IPOs, and long-lasting start-up impact including digital payments, online learning, and quick commerce. This growth is attributable to several factors, including the rapid evolution of India’s middle-class consumer base, the digital transformation driven by the Jio, and emergence of a young brigade of ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs.

I have grown up in a family of entrepreneurs – all catering to the lower to middle-income Indian populations in Tier-2+ cities. From the infectious go-getter energy I was surrounded by in my childhood to now having a front row seat on the latest disruptions changing the world, I find myself constantly driven by the idea of entrepreneurship. I find it exhilarating to wake up with the possibility of meeting passionate founders with disruptive ideas poised to achieve $10bn+ outcomes. Hopefully this excitement and appreciation for the art of venture will enable me to deliver the maximum value as an investor and be part of something significant which will outlast me.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy all forms of adventure, be it underwater exploration in The Great Barrier Reef or climbing steep hiking trails at Mt Fuji. I enjoy reading non-fiction literature – my favourite book from the last year is Prisoners of Geography.

Please feel free to reach out at any time for an Americano (or a Lager), I would love to connect.

Abhinav Adlakha

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  • Blume Ventures
  • Inflection Point Ventures


  • University of Bath

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