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Ananyah Dhawan


Ananyah Dhawan

The art of early stage investing entails seeking certainty amidst uncertainty while realizing that the only framework to successful investing is that there is no framework. As a venture capitalist, occupying the seat next to a fearless entrepreneur, in the vehicle of perseverance, on a journey over the mountain of challenges provides an opportunity to ascertain the future that lies behind the cliff of failure. And it is this future that holds the key to a new world of technology-enabled transformations that will revolutionize the way we as humans operate.

A tryst with entrepreneurship has enabled me to cultivate a multi-dimensional perspective and develop empathy towards founders, attributes that have empowered me to understand their motivation, conviction, and thought processes. I intend to imbibe the infectious energy of inspiring entrepreneurs and radiate it towards them during the lows to enable them to realize their full potential while standing as a pillar of support as they oscillate through the crests and troughs of this fascinating journey.

The Indian entrepreneurship ecosystem is currently at a tipping point where bold visionary entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of technology to spearhead innovations that can transform the way Indian consumers perceive products and services. The passionate new age entrepreneurs are solving the most challenging set of problems that go beyond geographies and are coming up with unimaginable creative solutions to address not only the known unknowns but also the unknown unknowns. Undoubtedly, a chance of a lifetime awaits us all as we navigate through one of the most exciting times in India’s growth story.

Ananyah Dhawan

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  • McKinsey & Co.


  • Delhi College of Engineering

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