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Anjali Sosale


Anjali Sosale

We are facing unprecedented times. We had to hit reset and stress test not only business assumptions but also challenge core organization values. While you secure your own oxygen mask first, compassion and empathy are necessary founder attributes to keep morale up, build trust across all stakeholders as we navigate uncertain times and boost productivity. While agility was always critical, companies will need to go decidedly minimalist and allow the product to do the talking.

Social handles, blitz marketing and PR managers can wait and it’s time to internalize and question the dynamics of cost structures and pricing models, especially in Consumer Tech. Indian customers are the hardest to please – astute and value seeking without a compromise on quality.

While market depth has been proven in sectors like payments and e-commerce and COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to digital, the focus is now on profitability and full-stack solutions.

I look forward to discovering the next wave of ideas that might re-boot sectors like Agri, Credit, Health and Wellness, Skilling, and Supply Chains which have long struggled for disruption and digitization in India.

Seed to Series A founders have it the hardest – while you are the decision maker and directly in control of your outcome, there is no certainty, often making the 0 to 1 journey lonely and challenging. With limited resources, one is forced to be resolute and resilient, cautious but courageous too. Having spent my energies on building partnerships both on equity and operational side, I see myself as an enabler and partner, helping your ideas gain momentum by lending perspectives on building scale, opening partnership opportunities and identifying talent, because capital alone is not a moat.

As Marc Andreessen said recently – “It’s time to build!”, and may I add “together”.