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Anubha Jaiswal

Fund Operations

Anubha Jaiswal

Growing up, I was encouraged to value education and always had family support to pursue an academic path with high ethics and morals. Education not only offered a passport into conventional roles, but also opened doors to a diversity of sectors and businesses.

I bring my passion for Education and Finance in the service of our entrepreneur partners as well as our investors.

I believe in making new connections and expanding networks thereby enabling transfer of knowledge and ideas sharing for progressive movement. Surrounded by spirited and smart colleagues brings the best from any professional and that’s a mantra I prescribe to founders. I firmly believe that when one’s capabilities are truly recognized there is tremendous potential and opportunity for growth for all involved.

Anubha Jaiswal

Past Experience

  • Aircel
  • Axis Risk Consulting
  • Greenlam
  • Punj Lloyd


  • ICAI