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Baba Prasad Nath


Baba Prasad Nath

India’s rise as the world’s most populous country, along with its burgeoning middle class and flourishing startup ecosystem, has thrust it onto the global stage as a formidable player. Its diverse economy, robust domestic consumption, and attractiveness to foreign capital have proven its resilience in navigating turbulent times in the public market. It is an immense privilege for me to actively engage with visionary entrepreneurs and embark on their transformative journeys within this dynamic market.

My involvement in the startup ecosystem has been centered around operations and investment roles. At a VC-backed conventional dairy company, I took charge of procurement efforts, navigating the complexities of supply chain dynamics. This hands-on role not only enhanced my operational skills but also underscored the significance of practical experience in driving success.

Moreover, my tenure with an impact fund, which focused on the next billion, allowed me to establish a unique in-house debt fund. During this time, I meticulously evaluated the creditworthiness of various businesses, gained insights into their financial health, and forecasted their growth trajectories. This invaluable experience broadened my understanding of financial risk and significantly informed my investment decisions.

By grounding my investment approach in the potential of innovation and the capabilities of young entrepreneurs, I continuously strive to identify and nurture transformative opportunities. Apart from learning about start-ups and markets, my interests include reading fiction and taking up the cudgels for Umesh’s Dosa.