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Raj Nayan Datta


Raj Nayan Datta

Building is hard. So is every other worthwhile endeavour. Building on a bold vision, amidst an array of challenges and looming uncertainties, is even harder. That is why it is supremely important that entrepreneurs choose the right kind of partners in their journey. Capital alone is not a solution, even though it is a very important ingredient for success.

Having spent my undergrad years at Powai Valley, I find the eclectic energy of founders, addictive. Armed with an idea, and bountiful courage, these humans are out in the world, piecing together their dreams brick by brick. They’re the heroes of our profession. I consider myself immensely privileged to have worked alongside a few of them, and seen their relentless pursuit of building game-changing companies.

I wish to bring all of these experiences with me, as we partner with companies that will shape the next decade and the years to come. I believe technology wields the maximum power to disrupt societies, behaviours and economies as we see today. The ones who harness that power responsibly, intelligently and smartly, will unlock the most value.

If you’re setting out to build, then there is no better time than starting now. There is no way one can accurately time global macros. There is no profession that prepares you a 100% for starting up. There is no market which is too young to be disrupted, or too crowded to not be.

If there is a burning problem that needs to be solved, and the founder resonates with the problem statement personally, then they’ll dedicate themselves to solving it, without paying much heed to all the scarcity and uncertainty around. Everything else will follow eventually.

The ones who stay at it for long, surviving without losing patience, will eventually succeed. In that process, they’ll create generational companies that define the categories that they operate in. I look forward to working with such founders, as they chart the course of an inclusive, diverse and meaningful future.

Raj Nayan Datta

Past Experience

  • Nova Benefits
  • Unacademy
  • Nomura Holdings


  • IIT Bombay

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