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Yash Chhabra


Yash Chhabra

I firmly believe that every success story is stitched together through multiple untold, interesting, and insightful tales of failure that never see the light of day. What excites me as a Venture capitalist are these stories of grit, passion, and unwavering commitment towards solving a problem that, when solved, leaves a remarkable impact on society at large.

In the realm of venture capital, I realise that uncertainty is the only certainty. Just like in my entrepreneurial journey, calculated risks, swift adaptations, and seizing unforeseen opportunities are part of the dynamic nature of early-stage investing. Having walked in the shoes of a founder, I bring a nuanced perspective to my role as a venture capitalist. Conviction, apart from capital, stands as the single biggest asset in my arsenal as I continue to understand the motivations and challenges of fellow entrepreneurs, offering unwavering support to those who believe they can change the world.

As I continue to embrace the thrill of supporting visionary entrepreneurs, I am fuelled by the desire to be a catalyst for positive change, shaping a future full of boundless possibilities for the Indian startup ecosystem

Yash Chhabra

Past Experience

  • Upriver Commerce
  • Naspers


  • Masters Union School of Business
  • Delhi University

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